Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Around Malaysia : Day Two, Malacca Trip

We woke up extremely early the next morning just for the famous chicken rice balls at Jonker Street. My friend told me it can get very packed and the queue can get very long so she suggested us to go at 7.30am.
Thank goodness when we arrived, the queue wasn't really long, we waited for about 15 minutes before we got our seats.

The queue wasn't bad at all which is surprising. Usually the queue is horrendous and the wait time can be up to an average of an hour.

Chicken rice balls for 4 people.

The serving size for the rice balls is not sufficient to go with the enormous amount of chicken. We find the chicken is way too much for four. They probably gave us a whole chicken.
I really like the chicken, it is tender and flavourful.

We paid MYR 60 for the meal with drinks.

Basically the whole morning and afternoon, we spent most of our time just strolling around Jonker Walk.

Strolling along the streets. We found a street that sells 2nd hand and antiques.

Another cafe we tried is The Baboon House. We are not allowed to take photos in the cafe thus there won't be any photo on the cafe at all.
The environment in the cafe is amazing. It's really serene and peaceful. It's an old run down garage with lots of trees and plants.
You are not allowed to make too much noise in the cafe, so we had to tone down.

On the food side, I would say the burgers are amazing. I am really impressed with it. The desserts are just okay, nothing too special. We ordered the sticky brownie with ice cream. The brownie is anything but sticky, we were quite disappointed by it.

We left back to Kuala Lumpur at 5.30pm via Melaka Sentral and that's how we ended our visit to Malacca.

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