Friday, October 7, 2016

Around Malaysia : Day one, Malacca Trip

My college mates and I have been planning for this trip for some time ever since one of college bestie who studies in Malacca had invited us to head down to the town to hang out. This trip is mainly very food focused.

On the morning, we headed down to Malacca by bus and it was a quick 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur . We took the 9.30am bus and we arrived at 11.30am. The bus was on schedule. 
Our friend picked us up from Melaka Sentral which is the main bus station in Malacca. 

Our first stop is Jonker 88. 
This shop is famous for their traditional Baba & Nyonya style cendol with lots of palm sugar. 
The shop is really packed and it doesn't help when it has a self service concept. It means if you are aren't quick or mean enough, you might never ever get a seat. 

Baba Laksa. Three of my friends actually ordered this. 
I am on the only odd one who ordered Nyonya Assam Laksa. Well, I just love Assam Laksa way more than Curry Laksa. 
I can't have too much coconut milk in one sitting because I might end up with a stomach upset instead. The cendol is already loaded with coconut milk.

This is my order. The Nyonya Assam Laksa.
Well, ofcourse the Assam Laksa can't be compared with the oh so famous Penang Assam Laksa but still, it's decent. 

The best part is ofcourse the Baba Cendol, drizzled with lots of palm sugar. A hot day always calls for cendol. 

It was literally burning hot outside that day. 

Next, we headed a few stores down for the durian puff. My friend insisted on this because she likes it. 
One shot all in? 
Apparently if you have it one shot into your mouth, it will get really messy with the durian custrad filling oozing all over. 

This is me, trying so hard to get the whole puff into my mouth. This puff are not very bite size. 

Loving all these cute Chinese-y decorated shop lots. 

After all the food, we went to check into our apartment and have some rest since the weather was too hot on that day. 

Later in the evening, we headed down to Klebang for some famous coconut shake. 

Special coconut shake.

For dinner, we went to the Portuguese Settlement for Portuguese food. 
Kangkung Belacan

Calamari Fritters

Portuguese baked fish

This is how we spent our first day in Malacca. 

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