Saturday, October 22, 2016

Eating out Malaysia : Question Mark Cafe

There is a new cafe just near my area.
The other day, my friend wanted a good and nearby place for a photo session and she thought why not try out this cafe since I have not been to the cafe before. 

For me the first thing, I look for in the cafe is good ambiance and then comes the food. A cafe is a place to hang out, catch up and chit chat, you definitely want a comfortable and beautiful place to hang out for quite some time. It's great if they add a touch of creativity or extra something to make their cafe stand out from the rest. 

Food well no one wants to eat bad food. No matter how great the ambiance may be if the food is rubbish then the whole cafe is rubbish. Also, it would be great to add a touch of creativity to the food menu. Nowadays I find that many cafes have the same ol' menu. It's getting really old and this is the reason why I do not frequent cafes that often anymore. 

The ambiance of Question Mark Cafe is not too bad. The design is very simple and clean, less is more. The design of cafe reminded me of the many cafes that I have visited, so design wise there is nothing that really stands out or individualistic about this cafe. Even so, if you are looking for a comfortable simple and clean looking place, this is a great place. The monochrome theme design is soothing to the eyes.

I am surprised at their menu though. There is definitely lots of selection of food from the menu rather than the ol' breakfast all day long menu selection. They have a special truffle menu. Would want to try that the next time I visit the cafe again.
My mother prepared dinner on that day so, I had to keep my stomach for dinner time.

Seafood Oglio Olio

It's my friend's order. She let me to taste and I would say it's not too bad.

Charcoal Crepe Cake

I find the cake nothing special. I felt the crepe piece to the a little rough, It was like munching on charcoal particles.

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