Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tiny Events #16

Ever since my semester ended I have put this blog aside for the moment to enjoy my life. Can't blame me because no class means more travelling and going out for me and ofcourse, settling paperworks.
Also, I have been out of Moscow for the last past week. I had short trip to Suzdal in Russia and Rhodes in Greece.

I am also been packing my luggage since I am leaving Russia for good at the end of July. I do not want to pack last minute because I do not have the time for it, I have a tight schedule after my finals and, it would be hard to sort everything out then on what I need to bring home and what's gonna be donated and into the trash. 
I am glad my parents are coming over because it means extra luggage weight for me. 
Six years worth of stuffs is a heck load. Can't carry them all alone back home. 

I have also emptied half of my makeup from my makeup drawer into my luggage. I have packed them nicely in solid boxes or tupperwares. I have learned my lessons from all my experiences with checking in.
Definitely pack them solid boxes or tupperwares, it prevents any sort of damage. I have never experienced any damages from this way of packing.
I used to throw my makeup in the makeup bag, wrapped the makeup bag with my clothes and throw them into the check in and I often got dented makeup packaging at the end of the day.

Also, I have finally booked my flight back home. Feels so unreal. I am having pretty much mixed feelings right now. I will do a post about it some other day when I collect all my thoughts together.

Another side note, I have been obsessed with this Norwegian singer, AURORA

On the beauty note,
There have been so many new releases in the US right now. I am pretty much very excited for many releases and I have been saving up money for some items that I have been eyeing on.

The few products I have been eyeing are the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, the new Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks in Rose Matter, Gemini, Becca x Jaclyn Hill new collaboration, Too Faced Chocolate Palette.

I find like how crazy it is, like the beauty industry is now pushing out items faster than we could save to get them. Releases are going out like "bang!" before I know, another eye palette is releasing or a new liquid lipstick shade is releasing.

Ofcourse I can't afford to buy every release, I do not grow a money tree and everything bought is with my own money. I will check reviews and swatches before actually getting them. When there's too many releases, you just have to decide to get the items you need or really really want and not for the sake of getting it.
Also, try to shop the stash because I find that most eyeshadow palettes being released of late, the shades are about the same. It is either the neutral browns, warm neutral palette or gold brown palette.
I love those shades but no one needs 4218381 eyeshadow palettes of the same shade.
Ok, now look who is talking, the same girl who probably owns 100 eyeshadow palettes of the same shade. I am trying to cut down.

For now, I do not own a warm neutral palette yet. That is why I am getting the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette. That palette is gorgeous, it has a range of very workable neutral shades with warm shades. I definitely love the throw of pink and berry shades into the palette, it adds on a pop to the palette and it's great too since I do not own pink or berry eyeshadow shades yet. Heard that Anastasia releases great quality palettes too. Just sadly all previous releases are limited editions and didn't manage to get any of those.

I am still thinking about the Too Faced Chocolate palettes. I have been wanting them eversince they were released, just never got around to getting them. I need to get to Sephora once I go back home and swatch the palette to see if I really need it.

And, THREE has launched in Malaysia. THREE is a Japanese makeup brand and I am just excited that is now readily available in my country. I have been so interested in this brand because whenever I flip through the Japanese fashion magazines. I see many fashion models using this brand. Can't wait to raid the store.

The end of my rant this time. 

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