Thursday, June 9, 2016

Eating out Moscow : Grabli

Grabli is Russian stolovaya (cafeteria) style chain restaurant. What makes it different from most of the stolovaya style restaurants around is the interior design.
Different branches have different interior and all wonderfully beautiful.

The branch we visited is the Tsetnoy Boulevard branch.

A stolovaya style restaurant is like a buffet style, food has been pre-prepared and displayed at the counters, you go to the counter and choose what you want and you pay for what you pick.
There's a huge selection of food in Grabli, ranging from salads to main courses to soups, desserts, you name it. 

So amazingly decorated. 
It feels like a summer house with the flowers and fruits lamp post. 

Such a happy spring feeling despite it actually being -19 outside. 

Food price here is affordable. 
For 500 rubles you can pretty much fill up your stomach to the brim. If you decide to take a salad, a meat dish with garnishes, a pancake or side dish, a dessert,a slice of pastry and a drink, it will cost about 1000 rubles. 

Now, in the month of January, they are having an offer on 50% off their whole menu which makes the food even more affordable. 

We ordered a whole lot of food, you don't need to order as much as us. We ordered this much because we wanted to try out their food. 
We were practically too full after this meal. 

We ordered Herring under the furcoat salad (a traditional Russian salad with beets, potatoes, herrings and lots of mayonnaise), grilled soy sauce pork, grilled beef fried over egg, stewed cabbage, borshch, buckwheat. 

We head back for a second round because we wanted to try out more food despite already being full. 

This round we ordered, Russian style deep fried potatoes (what makes it different from the typical fries/chips, it is that it is soggy and soaked with oil) , bliny (Russian pancakes) with ham and cheese, Julienne, Medovik and Kompot

Julienne is Russian-French fusion dish. It is mushrooms baked in cream and cheese. 

Medovik is a Russian cake. It translates as honey cake. It is one of my favourite Russian cakes. Definitely will miss this cake after I leave Russia. 

Kompot is a Russian drink. It is obtained by boiling fruits. The one served here is cherry kompot. 

Overall, I really like this cafe. The ambiance is wonderful. It just makes wanna stay in the restaurant. 
Food is great too. There are hits and misses. I enjoyed the stewed cabbage, borshch and bliny a lot.  

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