Friday, June 17, 2016

Eating out Malaysia : Moonlight Cake House

During the holidays, me and my friends were hanging out, doing some catching up. We wanted to hang out in the other cafe but unfortunately it was closed.
I am not too familiar with the area my friend brought us, I mean I know where's Sri Petaling but that's not my area to hang out of choice. After searching for a decent cafe to hang out, we spotted the Moonlight Cake House and we thought why not just hang out right there since it is so huge. 

This Cake House does not serve only cakes. They serve breads, pastries, drinks such as tea and coffee or some other fancier drinks and also A la Carte. 
There's a huge variety of pastries, cakes and bread to choose from. 

This is the 2nd floor where the tables are. 
The ambiance of this cake house is nothing out of the ordinary. The dim lights makes it relaxing and gives a sense of privacy. 

I did not feel very fancy that day, so I opted for a boring old Ice Lemon Tea. 

They offer a wide range in their menu for A la Carte. There's a mix of Western and Malaysian food.
This is my A la Carte order. Smoked Salmon Aglio Olio. 
This is not a good order. It taste like spaghetti drenched in salt water with salted salmon. It is just bland, all you could taste is just salt. I would definitely have expected a more herby taste from the spaghetti to compliment the smoked salmon.
Definitely not a good pasta for me. 

Something a million times better than their spaghetti, is the cakes.
It is a cake house for a reason, not a spaghetti restaurant.

Instead of ordering full size slices, they also offer small little cake bites. Which I find a really good option especially if you want to try more flavours but you don't want order like 5 slices of cakes that you know you will never end up finishing them up.

From the bread and pastries section, we picked up three pastries looks the most appetizing to us.
We got a Portuguese egg tart, Peach custard tart and almond croissant.

The croissant is nothing special. It lacks the strong buttery aroma that I am currently missing from France. The almonds and sugar helped to cover the lack of the buttery aroma but still I am not pleased. The tarts are not too bad, not the tastiest tarts I have tried but still good.

There are hits and misses from this place. It is not too bad of a place overall if you are finding a spot to hang out and do some catching up. I would recommend their little bite size cakes, it makes a great company while chit chatting. 

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