Sunday, June 12, 2016

Travel Diary: Australia: Follow me Phillip Islands

After a long and enjoyable ride along the Great Ocean Road, we finally arrived Phillip Islands.

The first stop is Maru Koala Animal Park, to catch a glimpse of the animals unique to Australia.

Kangaroo! It is the first time seeing a Kangaroo and they are so cute.
The kangaroos in this animal park are really tame, so it is fine to go around and play with them. Manage to get closer with them by feeding them.
Can you spot an albino kangaroo at the background?


Tasmanian Devil.
This thing is pretty much the devil running all over like a mad man, was pretty hard to get a nice shot of it since it was running non-stop! Wonder where did it find so much energy. I wish I have half of its energy during the weekdays.

A photo session with one of the cutest and fluffiest animal on earth the Koala.
It is just so cute! I thought it will be soft to the touch but the fur is rougher than it looks like.

Guess where our next stop is. It might be crazy to come here during winter with the strong winds but we are at Cape Woolamai. One of the most famous surfing beaches in Phillip Island.

The waves on this beach are really huge and rough, making it a favourable spot for surfing. It is also a very dangerous spot to surf or swim if you are not good at it. Might get washed away by the waves.

Some avid surfer, brisking the cold and surfing during the winter months.

From the state of my hair you can sort of have an idea how strong is the winds over here. It is not very cold since Australian winter is mild, you can see me from wearing my sweater and spring trenchcoat but the wind is unbearable.

We had a stroll at the Phillip Island Nature Park.
The greenery in this nature park is very soothing and serene.

In this park we managed what we thought were kangaroos but the tour guide explained to us that they are wallabies. I do not know how to differentiate kangaroos and wallabies, they look the same to me. We also saw swans at the swan lake trail.

Neverending greenery of the bush lands.

The main reason we visited Phillip Island is because we wanna catch the Penguin Parade at the Nobbies Center.

The seal rocks.
We are trying to look out and hear for seals from this point.

The Penguin houses at the center. We spotted some Penguin 'chicks' inside the houses.

After that we went for the Penguin Parade. We were not allowed to touch or take photo of the penguins to prevent from scaring them. So, I do not have any photos of the cute little penguins.

We sat down beside the sea before dawn to wait for the penguins to come back from the sea. According to the guides, the penguins come back home at night to prevent predators from preying on them. We followed the penguins until our van. The penguins travel really far from the sea to their houses, some may travel as far as a few kilometres.
Drivers are also advised to look out for penguins on the road.

This is how we ended our day on Phillip Islands. 

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