Sunday, June 19, 2016

Favourite sites for online shopping

Online shopping is one of my favourite past time. I usually hit the net when I am looking for cheaper alternatives or dupes of items in stores or when I want items that I can't get hold in my country.

Today, I am going to share websites that I usually do my online shopping. 

I am aware that there are a lot of fakes on this website since it is based in China. If you look into this web, there's much more to it than the fakes.
I have bought many items from this website, makeup brushes, clothes, false eyelashes, phone cases and also makeup ( I know, I can't resist) from this website.  Ofcourse there are one or two bad experiences from the websites. For example, having my items arrive damaged or my items to never arrive.

I have no disappointment with the items I purchased because I do not have very high expectation for the items I have purchased from this website. You just can't expect so much from the price paid. Even so, so far, I have love most items I had purchased from this website. I find them to be decent in quality and some surprises, amazing quality.

For payment wise, I usually use my Qiwi wallet or my debit card.  much prefer using my Qiwi wallet to my debit card. Although I haven't experienced any pishing or fraud on my debit card, I still do not feel safe enough.

Here are my posts on my Aliexpress haul.

2) Ebay
Ebay has everything. You just have to do your research carefully to find items you want.
I have bought so much from Ebay that I lost count what I have bought. Ebay does refresh your purchase history after awhile so unfortunately, I can't find out what I have got from there. I remember purchasing clothes, makeup, phone cases etc.

For one thing, I love that ebay uses Paypal. I find it to be a very safe and convenient method of purchasing

3) Instagram sellers
This is where I get my dose of American/British beauty brands that is really hard to get my hands on.
I have bought from a few sellers and I have my favourite sellers who I loyally buy from.
Usually waiting time can range from 4-5 weeks.
The worst I have experienced is 6 months, which is really ridiculous. I consider myself to be patient when waiting for my items but even so, this is too long of a wait for me. I do not think I will getting from the seller any longer unless the seller does not repeat the same mistake.

My American/British beauty brands purchase dates back from 6-7 years ago. I started pre-ordering from foums. Specifically Lowyat forums. Sellers come and go. Now, I have moved on to Instagram.

4) Roseroseshop
This is where I usually shop for my Korean beauty products. The prices are pretty attractive but it does not include shipping. Even after shipping, I still find the prices to be reasonable.
For Mizon, shipping is free. I usually get my Mizon items from this website.

I used to get my Korean beauty products from Qoo10 but most the sellers that I am used to getting items from just stopped selling there. I have moved on too.

5) BeautynetKorea
This is another website for my Korean fix. I do not use this site as much as Roseroseshop. I usually head here when I wanna get items that I could not find on Roseroseshop.

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