Friday, June 10, 2016

First Luxola haul

I was browsing through some online stores before I bumped into Luxola which carries a variety of brands. What caught my eye was that they carry Sigma and Zoeva at that time and now Becca cosmetics (woohoo!).
Pricing wise, it's very reasonable. I have done some research and the prices are just RM2-4 more than what you pay let's say getting Zoeva in Germany itself. Also, definitely better getting Zoeva from Luxola if you are not travelling to Germany because the shipping rate from the website is a killer

Buying from Luxola has been a good experience. Everything on the website is very convenient, from setting up an account to the payment. What's really great about Luxola is that there is so many payment option from credit card, paypal and paying with your bank account with services such as maybank2u, CIMB click etc. 

Delivery is really fast for me. It takes about 2 days after order to get to me. 

Zoeva Rose Golden palette

I heard many great reviews on the Zoeva palettes on how great they are for the price. 
When I saw this palette I immediately gravitate towards this palette. The shades offered in this palette is so my shades. 

The packaging is a cardboard style packaging. Despite being cardboard, it doesn't appear to be cheap or flimsy. It is definitely sturdy and sleek. 
It is a beautiful packaging. 

The shades offered have a rosy undertone like the name suggests. 

Look at the shade copper is king, that shade is definitely king.

The palette offers a good variety of shimmery, metallic and matte shades. 

I wanted to get another palette which is Cocoa Blend at the same time but it was out of stock. The thing about Luxola is that it suffers chronic out of stock syndrome. So when you see an item you want, just go for it because it takes ages to get the items restock.

It isn't a  Zoeva haul without their brushes. 
Zoeva is very well known for their brushes especially in Europe. 

102 Silk Finish and 110 Face Shape

The brushes are really high quality. The bristles are so soft and densely packed. 
102 Silk Finish is a dome shaped brush with densely packed bristles. The size makes it ideal for applying foundation, powder or even bronzer. 

110 Face Shape is like the little sister of the 102 Silk Finish brush. The size makes it ideal to buff in undereye concealer and also contour products. 

I always wanted to try the Beauty Blender. It was on 50% off on Luxola at that time and I thought what better time to get myself the Beauty Blender than now. 

 I see myself purchasing from Luxola and also getting more Zoeva items in the future. 

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