Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eating out Moscow : Waffle Story

Waffle Story is a small cafe located in Arbat Street. Like its name, it specializes in waffles. In its menu, one can find a variety of waffles, crepes, soups and quiches.

Savoury waffle with bacon, cheese and egg and Quiche Lorraine

The savoury waffle was pretty nice and probably the best from what we have ordered. It's simple but everything with goes well together. Guess you can't make much of a mistake with bacon, cheese and egg together. However, the quiche is a little tad dry, the sides are so hard. This is not how I expected a quiche to turned out to be. So, it's very disappointing.

Cream of pumpkin soup

This soup was okay. I can't comment much on it since I only a sip from my friend's bowl.

Waffle with caramelized pear, chocolate and ice-cream

This waffle is lacking somnething. The waffle is too bland and the chocolate wasn't generous enough to cover up the blandness.

The service was pretty slow, they food took awhile to get prepared and there was only one staff running around doing the ordering and serving. Thank goodness there wasn't too many people, imagine the havoc. Poor waiter.
Overall, I will not return to this cafe despite its beautiful and cute ambiance. The food did not turned out great as I wanted it to be, it falls flat despite looking so good in photos. It was quite a disappointing visit to this cafe. 

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