Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Around Moscow : Spring is here

This year Moscow held a spring event to welcome spring at the same time celebrating Orthodox Easter and they decorated the busy and popular streets in Central Moscow with spring decorations till the 9th of May.
I really like the decorations, it adds a very aesthetic touch and feel to the streets with all sorts of flower themed decorations and easter decorations. It brings up the mood. Makes me want to visit the city more often for a good photo session.

Handpainted easter egg infront of Manezhnaya Square.
I really like the painting of Kremlin on the egg.

Flower arch.
Very beautiful, looks like it came out from a wedding photoshoot set because of the mainly white theme. They used a mix of fake and real flowers to create this flower arch.

A very Easter theme setting infront of the famous Bolshoi Theater.
I am just guessing the main theme behind this setting is Jerusalem.

A sand sculpture.

This is my favourite decoration of all. A flower frame.
I give props to whoever who came up with this idea because, isn't it lovely.

This won't be the end of the Spring Festival photos, I will have more coming up. 

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