Friday, May 6, 2016

L'oreal haul

Just picked up a few items from L'oreal from the beauty store
I swear L'oreal makes the best drugstore eyeshadows. I have been loving their l'ombre pure eyeshadows and I also love their Infalliable eyeshadows but I can't seem to find them here anymore, I do not know if they stopped taking them in. Since, I love their eyeshadows so much and I was already at the L'oreal stand, I thought that I would just pick up couple of shades that I do not own. 

I picked up two eyeshadows and a mascara.

I like the Volume Million Lashes by L'oreal. I have a few of the other versions and I like them. This one was on sale and it is the Noir Feline which I do not own. So, picking that up to try it out.
Hope it performs as good as the rest. 

Let's take a moment to admire the beauty of these eyeshadows. 

The design imprinted on the eyeshadow is just so gorgeous. I really love it. It makes the eyeshadows look much more luxurious that it actually is. 

The two shades I got it from left:  Quartz Fume and Topaz Rose. 
Quartz Fume is a dark taupe grey shade. The shade is just so intense. 
Topaz Rose is a rose gold shade.

These eyeshadows are the under the "Lumiere" finish . From what I can see, they have a light reflective satin finish to them.Lovely finish. 

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