Thursday, April 28, 2016

Around Moscow : Husky sleigh

During the heavy snow season, we went for the husky sleigh.
It is not easy to find a husky sleigh in Moscow city. Most of it are located in the Moscow outskirts. With much luck we found one near the city, it is located in Kuzminsky park south east of Moscow. 

On the way to Kuzminsky park. We stopped by outside the park to take some winter photos and also snow fights. 
Everywhere was covered in thick fluffy snow. It looks like a winter wonderland. 

The little cottage to keep ourselves warm during the husky sleigh. The host had also offered us hot drinks to warm ourselves up before the ride. 
There were 9 of us, so we had to group ourselves into 5 groups. It was allowed a maximum of 2 person per sleigh as long the total does not exceed 150kgs. 

So, if it is too cold before or after the ride. Hop into the cottage and keep yourself warm with the coal heater and hot tea. 

The notorious cat in the cottage. This cat is one fearless cat. 

One of my friend just enjoy annoying this cat to death. 

Here comes the fun part. 
I had the chance to sit on the sleigh and also run the sleigh. It was really fun, especially the running part, although I was so afraid I might miss a step and the sleigh goes off without me. 

Getting to know the huskies. They are all really friendly and tame, also really gorgeous creatures.

After the sleigh, we were allowed into the huskies' den to get to know and play around with the huskies. There were atleast 15 huskies. 

Heterochromia husky

I was really cold on that day, about -14 degree Celcius. My feet and fingers were frozen despite really the thickest gloves and socks I ever owned. 

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