Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tiny Events #15

I can't believe how close am I to graduating. I am left with a few weeks before I end my semester. This is crazy.

As of how classes has been going. It has been pretty tiring. I am not having the most relaxing of cycles but life has been still manageable. Mostly during the weekdays my schedule is repetitive. Only the weekends, I would have time to myself but I spent most of the time lazing around since I am too exhausted because of the weekdays' workload.

Last weekend I spent my whole weekend watching Figure Skating World Championship. Bless my landlord who provided us TV and cable channels. Imagine those days I would have to livestream the heck out of everything in the hostel and when the internet snaps, it's gone case.

These few days I have been sick. I have been hit with a bad cold. I am constantly coughing and my runny nose is not under control. I did a X-ray check up for my university documentation and the doctor was like looks like you have bronchitis and I was like no surprise, I am having flu and it is bad. I have been controlling my cold with nasal drops and water intake.
My cold usually last about 2-3 weeks. I hope I recover as soon as possible.

It has been a joy baking and I have been baking non-stop.
This is my second try for cinnamon rolls and they are tasty enough for me. Must better than the first time where the rolls end up hard and dry and lack of cinnamon filling.
Instead of using cream cheese or coffee glaze to top off my rolls, I used condensed milk because I was lazy but it turned out nice too.

I also had made my own Kachapuri for the first time.
The last time I went to a Georgian restaurant and tried Kachapuri, I fell in love with this bread and I was determined to make one for myself.
I did not use as much butter as needed because I do not want to clog the arteries of those who are going to eat it including myself. I still need to improve on my kachapuri recipe. This time, I made the dough too thick and put in too little cheese. So on the thicker parts, all you can eat is just the bread which is not really nice. The next time, I am going all out and stuff it with cheese to death.
The cheese I used is Suluguni. It is a type of Georgian cheese.

I booked my flight the other day to London. So it is confirmed that I will be going to London before the start of July. I really miss London and I am so glad I am able to go back there one more time before heading back to Asia.
There is just so many things I miss about London. I miss the atmosphere, roaming down the streets , having a nice cup of tea with delicious scones, Mark and Spencer. Let me tell you, I enjoy Mark and Spencer food. I love their scones, salads, pastries. So affordable and delicious.
I am saving some money this time around so I could shop till I drop (maybe not..) in Selfridges , Boots and Superdrug. I am compiling my long wishlist. I am looking forward to get some items from Charlotte Tilbury, Tanya Burr, Sleek and Zoeva. Hopefully I have enough money then since there is so many things that I want.

It is a shame that eversince Sephora took over Luxola, the prices of Zoeva has gone up so drastically. It is off putting. So, one of my choices now is to get it in Selfridges where they have a full display of Zoeva items.
Even in Germany, only the basic brushes are available on display in Douglas. The rest, you have to purchase online. Such a shame, if not I would had gotten everything when I was in Munich.
I want the new blush palette and the Cocoa Blend Palette.

The YSL Encre de Peau Blushers are finally here in Moscow. I kind of want them because they are like gel blushers but I do not know if I will get them. I will go and play around with the testers before I decide.

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