Sunday, April 24, 2016

Around Moscow : Snowboard

Snowboarding. We had this in our plan for quite some time but we never managed because of either busy schedule or the weather.
This time, we managed to find time to snowboard. 

We had done some research of places to snowboard in Moscow city and we found out a place that we can snowboard for free - KANT Sports center. All you need is just to have your own equipments. 
It is located at Nagornaya metro station. 

So, for the snowboard gears, waterproof pants, we rented it from a small shop located in Akademicheskaya. It is cheaper to rent it there rather than from the sports center itself. 

It was my first time snowboarding. 

It took me about an hour to learn how to control my snowboard. I fell many times even at the end of the day I was still tumbling down the slopes but I have learnt the basics of controlling the snowboard. 

The hardest part is actually standing up and climbing up the slopes.

We snowboarded for about 5 hours.
It was definitely tiring. We were all flat by that time. All we wanted is just to rest and have dinner.

Even so, we had a enjoyable time. 

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