Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Around Moscow : Skating VDNKH

VDNKH is where the main skating ring is located. The ring usually opens from November till mid March.
It is the biggest outdoor skating ring in Moscow. There's a lot to see while skating around the rink, there are decorations and food kiosk and also restaurants around the rink.
There are also places to take a sit if you are too tired.

We managed to visit the ring before it closes for good.
There are not many pictures since I am a beginner skater, it is hard for me to take pictures and balance at the same time.

To skate, it cost 550 rubles on weekends with 1000 rubles deposit.

The day we went, it rained the day prior.
So, the ice was not at its best condition. The ice at the entrance to the rink was alright but as we skate deeper into the rink, the ice is a little bumpy and there are some wet spots and even a pit!

I got stucked in a pit and a stranger had to pull me out from it.

Always make sure the skating boots are tight enough to have control of the boots.
This is what I have learned since my first skating experience. 
My shoe size is 36 for skating boots. That is one size smaller than my usual shoe size. 

I love to watch figure skating like A LOT but I can't skate to save my life. 

Lacing up my boots. Took me about 15 minutes to get them right.

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