Friday, April 1, 2016

Drugstore haul : Bourjois, Pupa, Essence, Catrice, Art Deco

There are a few new releases that I wanted to try from Essence and Catrice. The other day I went to the other outlet of the beauty store and saw that they had stock for some items that weren't in stock in the outlet which I always go to. Besides that, they had a stand dedicated to Art Deco, which I picked up a few products from.

No make up feel foundation? I am all up for it. I am one of those girls who doesn't like thick foundation, the more natural and lighter the better.
When Essence launched a no makeup feel foundation, I am all for it.

This product was not in stock when I visited the beauty store I usually go to, but when I saw that it is in stock at the other outlet, I went ahead and grabbed it.

My shade is 10 pure beige and in MAC I am about a NC15- NC20. This fits me quite right from the swatches. Can't wait to try this foundation out.

Another foundation I picked up is from the brand PUPA. This brand is not really well known in the beauty community since they are not easy to get hold of. I am just fortunate that PUPA is really widely available over here.
So far, I have tried a few products from PUPA and I like them. They are really good quality drugstore products.

This time I just wanted to try a foundation from them so I picked up this PUPA Active Light Foundation.

I always like a luminous finish for my foundation compared to matte. So it is no brainer that I went for this foundation. Sign me in for anything that says luminous, dewy, light activating, light reflecting.

The name, Liquid Camouflage, High Coverage and Waterproof, just intrigued me.
It was just calling for me, I had to pick it up.
I hope this will work as a really good undereye concealer for me.

I bought this shade from Bourjois again because I love this shade.
When I was doing my blush routine I somehow just miss using this blush from Bourjois. Bourjois definitely have the best powder blushers in the drugstore market. They are so soft, pigmented and long lasting.
This shade Rose D'or is gorgeous, it is a medium pink with gold flecks. It gives the cheeks a beautiful blush with some highlight.

I did a swatch and short review on this shade before, you can check it out here

Up to this point of the post, I guess you could already see that I like my products to have an illuminating finish.
I picked up the Catrice Illuminating Blush in 030 Kiss Me Ken. It is a mix of a light and deep berry pink shade with silver glitters.

A closer look at the blush, you can really see the glitters from here.

The last items I picked up are three eyeshadows from Art Deco.
I have used Art Deco eyeshadows before and I do enjoy using them. They have a wide range of eyeshadows, I kid you not.
When I went to the stand, I saw like a ton loads of eyeshadows to choose from and I was having a tough time narrowing down my shade selections.

373 Glam Gold Dust
It is under the Glamour finish. I do not know what that means, but I am just gonna assume it means lots of glitter.
As you can see from the pan, the eyeshadow is loaded with gold glitters.

578 Matt Smoky Mauve.
The matte line from Art Deco are gorgeous. They are so pigmented upon swatching.
This shade like its name is a plummy brown shade.

18 Light Misty Wood.
This is a pearl finish. It is a beautiful shimmery cool toned brown.

That's all for the items that I have hauled this time. 

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