Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eating out Moscow : (Valentine's Special) Jon Joli

Valentine's day fell on the weekend, we decided to eat out and try something new. I have heard from friends that there's a good Georgian restaurant in Tretyakovskaya - Jon Joli.
We have not tried Georgian food so we thought it is a good choice to have some Georgian food.

I booked a table in the restaurant for lunch since it is quite hard to get a table in the restaurant. The restaurant is really famous among the Moscovites. During celebrations, it is even harder to get a table.

The interior of the restaurant is feels cozy with the wooden interior. It reminds me of a cottage house, it has that Russian dacha kind of feel to it.
To make it feel like Valentine's, they even added a touch of heart shaped balloons for Valentine's.  I find it really sweet.

Pkhali , this is a traditional Georgian cold appetizer made from chopped cabbage, beetroot, beans with a combination of walnuts, vinegar, onions and herbs.

I love this dish, it is very flavourful, the blend of herbs is so aromatic.

Move away! Khachapuri is the new pizza.
This is probably one of the best thing I have put into my mouth. The dough and the mixture of Suluguni and Imeratian cheese is just to die for. Both cheeses melt to an elastic and chewy finish  . The cheese, dough and half boiled egg just go so good together.

Veal stew in tomato broth. This taste really good too, the meat isreally tender and the broth very flavourful.

A traditional Georgian lamb stew with tomatoes, aubergine, potatoes, greens and garlic.

Veal Khinkali.
A traditional Georgian big dumplings.
They kind of remind me of the distant Chinese cousin xiao long bao. Upon puncturing the flour layer, the dumpling oozes out the veal broth. Very delicious dumpling.
They are pretty huge dumpling at 95g per dumpling. You could get full with like 3 of these.

It is a traditional Georgian dessert made of condensed, thick grape juice.

It does not taste bad, in fact it is pretty nice but I am not a fan of the texture. It taste a little weird for me.

Overall, I love this restaurant and I would really recommend this restaurant.
Every food ordered taste so good and delicious but the star has to be the Kachapuri.
Service is great too. The waitresses are very attentive to your needs and the serving time is very fast.

I will be going back to this restaurant for more Kachapuri. 

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