Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lip mania : Essence haul

Catching up with the current makeup trends, Essence has released their version of the liquid lipstick.
Ofcourse I have to head down the beauty store to get them to try them out.
At the same time, the beauty store has brought in Essence Longlasting Lipliner after so long it has been launched. I have mentioned it before but I am gonna repeat myself that I love Essence's lipliners. I think they make one of the best lipliners in the drugstore market. I have used their Longlasting Lipliners before and I love them, so I have to pick up more colours to expand my collection. The great part is, the lipliners are just so affordable. It does not break the wallet.

The shades I have picked up are Sweetcake and Lovely Frappucino.

Lovely Frappucino is a cool mauvy brown. It somewhat reminds me of Satin Mauve with a whole lot more brown.
Sweetcake is a pinky-rose.

I picked two shades from the liquid lipsticks. I have decided to pick up two shades first and give them a testdrive to see whether I like them or not before getting more shades.

The shades I got are Beauty Secret and Colour Party.

Beauty Secret is a dusty rose.
Colour Party is a baby pink.

Let's talk about the packaging, you could tell that Essence got the inspiration of the Liquid Lipsticks' packaging from Dior's Fluid Sticks. It comes with a sturdy transparent plastic tube with products filled inside to resemble a lipstick bullet shape and a plastic lid. The plastic lid looks cheap but actually it is quite sturdy. Essence packaging are not the best looking but they are sturdy enough. You pay for what you get.
It still looks cute and young. 

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