Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tiny events #14

So, the spot of death attacked my camera again and now I have sent my camera for some repair works and cleaning. It has been an annual thing where dust will just accumulate at my sensor. It is getting pretty annoying to send my camera for such routine cleaning yearly.
Looks like I will not have my trusty camera with me for some time.

"I have just ended my hectic therapy cycle which means I will have more free time updating on my blog. It has not been an easy 5 weeks, it has been very tiring.
Now I have ended it, I guess I will miss this cycle.
I do not post pictures of me in classes but here's a picture to the end of my therapy cycle and also my final one.
I do not usually wear makeup to class but since it was the last day and we are going to have a photoshoot after class, I just slapped on some makeup on my face. "

" On the night where I have ended my therapy cycle, I went and feast on food with my housemates. We had Cinnabon's Pecanbon and Magnolia bakery's cakes. What a sinful night.
The calories for a Pecanbon is a whooping 1100 calories per piece. That is like my one day's worth of calories intake. Ok, I lied, not one day's worth, maybe 80% of daily calorie intake.
It's only once in awhile. We will be fine.

Pecanbon is so deliciously sinful. My favourite out of all the flavours they have to offer. "

" Magnolia bakery has a 20% off all cakes and cupcakes after 9pm. We actually waited till 9pm to order our cake so we could take advantage of the 20% off.
20% off is still money for us poor university students.
I have not seen this flavour around. It is their Pistachio cake. Their Pistachio cake is really good too.
Magnolia bakery is one of the good bakeries that is hard to come by in Moscow.
I always go there for their cakes.  "

" This is my first time making lasagna and it turned out to be quite a success. Lasagna is very easy to make but very time consuming as you have to prepare two different sauces and then boil the pasta and layer the pasta, sauces and cheese, finally bake them. By the way, I shred my own cheese.
I did not use the traditional lasagna recipe with Bechamel sauce, instead, I opt for the Straganoff. It is less fattening and healthier with low fat sour cream and much easier to make. No whisking needed .
It also taste equally delicious. It does not compromise the flavour of the lasagna.  "

On the beauty topic.
I have been controlling my makeup hauling habits this month because I am broke as heck.
I have been hauling too much for the past months. I have been so into liquid lipsticks That I picked up quite a number of them from various brands.
So, await a huge haul when I fly home during summer.
Releases in Russia has been extremely extremely slow, I guess it is due to their unstable currency. There's any hardly any new launches from brands like L'oreal, Maybelline and Rimmel. Even the trend editions from Catrice and Essence takes forever to be shipped in. The Rimmel The One Lipstick, Maybelline The Nudes Blushed palette, some of the L'oreal Infalliable line items and Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet new shades just came in not too long ago but they are like a past story in other places of the world.
I am looking forward picking up some of the Rimmel The One Lipsticks and new shades of Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet especially those Rouge Edition Velvet. I have been waiting for the shades for eons. 

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