Thursday, March 3, 2016

mini haul : Essence & Catrice

Highlighters have been the craze in the beauty community of late. Everyone just want to have that stroke of glow on their face and yes, I am one of those persons too.
I just love highlight. It gives the face such a radiant and healthy look and it wakes up the face.

Catrice released a limited edition collection which came with a highlighter. I went to the beauty shop, solely just to get this highlighter but I did purchase something else in the middle.

I got a blush from the Essence "Happy Girls are pretty" trend edition. The design of the blush is too cute to resist which the heart in the middle. I just can't stop myself picking up anything with pretty design.

Catrice Luminizing Highlighter.

This highlighter is different from what I used to own. The shade is a rosy champagne. My highlighters usually lean pearl white, champagne gold or pink pearl shade.
This shade is a tad darker from my comfort zone.

I am excited to try this highlighter though. It is a gorgeous shade.
If it works out too dark on me, I am sure it will make a beautiful blush topper for that extra glow.

Essence "Happy Girls are Pretty" blush.
This blush is really cute, this is what really made me get this blush.

Too cute to resist.
Essence always have the cutest limited edition blushers that makes me could not resist collecting them everytime they release their limited editions.

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