Saturday, March 5, 2016

Around Moscow : VDKh & Trubnaya

Bracing the -19 coldness, we went to VDKha to catch the last of Christmas decorations.
To think about it, it was quite a crazy move. There were wind which adds a punch in the extra coldness, fingers, face and toes were frozen.

The gate of the square is lavishly decorated with lights.

The Central Pavillion overlooking the Christmas market and the huge christmas tree structure. 

Surprisingly there were quite a number of people even under this brutal coldness. I guess Russians just are so used to it. 

It was so cold that it was so hard to even smile. My facial muscles were frozen. 

You could enter the Christmas tree structure and enjoy the lights from within.
The light decoration is really stunning.

Since it was so cold after a quick photo session, we head back to the metro to get some warmth before taking ourselves to another Christmas square.

The next square was in Trubnaya.
The decorations of this square is not as lavish as some other squares I have seen but it is still a pretty one.

The rainbow tunnel.

The Christmas kiosk has mostly closed leaving a few kiosk selling hot drinks open since we visited the square after 10pm.
The kiosks are so beautiful decorated.

Another light tunnel

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