Friday, March 11, 2016

Eating out Moscow : Obed Buffet

Obed Buffet is a new chain of cafeteria style restaurant in Moscow.
I got to try this restaurant last summer when they were offering 50% off the whole menu.

The cuisine leans more to Russian fusion cuisine. Food selection is great. There are salads, grill, main courses,garnishes, bread and pastries, desserts etc.

The price concept of this restaurant is by weight.
For example, let's say per 100g is 99 rubles and you took 200g of pasta you will pay 198 rubles for your meal.
I don't really like this type of pricing concept.

The interior of the restaurant is neat and modern.

My favourite part of the restaurant has got to be their desserts bar. They have a great selection of cakes and pastries to choose from.
Also, they just look so delicious.

This is our food.
Various salads, meat dishes and garnishes.

The salads offered in this restaurant is really delicious.
I enjoy their potato and chicken salad. I do think that is one of the best dishes their offer.
They have a fresh salad bar and a pre-made salad bar. There are up to 10 salad dishes offered if I am not mistaken.

Meat dishes are nice too. What we had were mostly stews.

The pricing concept of the desserts are different. It is accounted by per slice instead by weight.

The cakes are definitely the star of this restaurant. The cakes are really affordable and delicious.
I picked up the carrot cake and also mocha cake and I enjoyed both cakes. I prefer the carrot cake slightly better.

I forgot to take a decent picture of this but, it's fine.
Anyway, I like their desserts so much that I even packed home their pavlova.
So yummy.

Overall, it is a good restaurant to try out. I will definitely go back for their cakes. 

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