Saturday, February 27, 2016

Eating out Moscow : SkyView Chinese Restaurant

The other day, my friends and I had a gathering to celebrate my friend's birthday and also chinese new year.
One of my friend booked a Chinese restaurant that I have never tried before.
Sky View Chinese Restaurant. It is located at  the 33th floor Arstrus hotel,  Leninskiy Ave.

Despite being located at the highest floor of the hotel, we don't get a pretty sky view from this restaurant. Maybe it is just located too far from the city center to have a beautiful city skyline view. All you get is a Moscow suburban view.
The restaurant is located slightly away from the center, the nearest metro stations are Yugo Zapadnaya, Belyaevo and you still need to take a bus to get to there.
It is located very near the student hostel and fairly near to my apartment.

The interior of the restaurant made us feel at home with the Chinese lanterns deco in conjunction with Chinese New Year and round table.
For us Chinese, it is a tradition to eat in a round table with a group, it makes it much easier to communicate and share the dishes.

Spicy stir fried lamb

I did not enjoy this dish at all. You could taste that the lamb was not that fresh despite many spices were used.

Chicken "Geng" (Thick soup)

Thickening agent such as starch is added to the soup to make it thick. This soup is just okay, it taste like every normal chicken soup. Nothing spectacular.

Chinese pork dumplings.

I enjoyed this dish, the meat inside is nicely flavoured. It reminded of me of the pork dumplings we used to have at home. This taste very homely.

Stir-fried cabbage with pork.

Sweet and sour fish

Seafood mix

Overall, the food in this restaurant is decent, it is not bad.Just that, I have tasted many better Chinese food.
Price wise, is quite pricey but the portion is big. It is great to go in a large group so you can work out with the portion and food selection.
One thing I would praise is the service, the waiter was really attentive. He knows what he is doing and he does what he is suppose to do without us telling him. I considered that really good from what I have experienced with waiters and waitresses in restaurants in Moscow. 

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