Monday, February 15, 2016

Tiny events #13

Since I just came back from a good 2 weeks MIA. I thought I would give some updates on my life.

I arrived at the airport last Saturday , Sunday is Chinese New Year Eve and my semester reopens on Monday. We basically did not have any time to prepare for Chinese New Year so we just randomly tried to put up a reunion dinner in the spirits of Chinese New Year.
We picked the simplest thing to do which is hot pot, a fuss free comfort food. All we did is get all the ingredients from the market and supermarket and boil a pot of Tom Yam soup and we were good to go.

There will more Chinese New Year celebrations to come though.

This is my last Chinese New Year celebration in Moscow and next year, I will actually be back to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. I am just so excited for that. I haven't been celebrating Chinese New Year with my family for 6 years. It is such an achievement to have gone through 6 years without celebrating with them.

Redyed my hair.
The Garnier Olia Intense Dye just does not give any colour to my hair. I do not know is it my hair being stubborn or this dye just works bad. I had to dye my hair twice to achieve this shade. First I used the some honey brown shade and it came out dark brown which got me so frustrated. I had to get a blonde shade to redye my hair to achieve my desired colour which is a light brown.
I dyed my hair twice in a week's time which is quite damaging to the hair and scalp. My scalp is really sensitive but thank goodness my hair did not fall as much this time.

I havent did much since I came back from the holidays because I have been really busy with classes. My schedule is pretty much wake up, class, back home, exercise, dinner, study + internet, sleep and repeat. With some grocery shopping during the weekends. 
Class has been so tiring. It has been like draining my soul from me and I cant believe this cycle lasts for 5 weeks. 

On the beauty topic,
There has been lots of new products releases in the beauty market of late. I do not know if this is good news. My wallet is going to break and cry.
It is just so hard to keep up with the enormous amount of releases.
Is there any items that you all have been looking forward trying?
So far, I have been eyeing on the Jeffree Star Skin Frost ,Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip, Colour Pop UML in Lumiere 2, Dose of Colors Desert Suede. Trying to keep it minimal.
Also, I can't wait till Jeffree Star restocks Doll Parts. I am so happy that he decided to make this shade permanent because it is such a beautiful shade.
Looks like I am going to have a beauty long wishlist.

This semester is going to be a busy semester for me. It is my final semester. So nervous yet excited for graduation. I will be busy with lots of tests and presentations that I might slack a little with my blog but I will try my best to keep posting atleast twice a week. 

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