Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tiny Events #11

It is almost the end of November, I can't believe how time flew by so fast. It has been awhile since summer break and it is almost the end of the 1st semester of my final year. I am so nervous heading towards graduation.
As usual, I am stuck with my usual busy schedule. I am just a boring person. November is probably more happening due to 482943 Diwali open houses and catching the figure skating grand prix in Luzhniki Small Arena. Also, end of this week, Black Friday and Thanksgiving.
Can't wait for the black friday and cyber mondays sales.

So I am gonna round up my past 3 weeks in pictures.

" I have started doing my own bread and now I am hooked. Basically, I have been baking my own bread weekly. I find doing this is much more economical and also much healthier. You know what you are putting in to make your bread.
This is the picture of my first bread. Not very aesthetically pleasing and doesn't taste well too, I forgot all about the salt but going to improve from now on. Also, the dough didn't rise as much as I wanted it to. I suspect it is because I didn't use a good yeast.
I changed my yeast and I saw improvements in my dough. So far, I have made normal loafs, raisin buns and cinnamon buns.  "

" Also, not aesthetically pleasing. I do not make beautiful food but trust me, it taste much better than it looks.
I have been enjoying homemade pizza much more than takeaways or in restaurants. It gives you space to experiment with the toppings and not to mention, much healthier too. You can add in more greens and less cheese and sauces.
Definitely have been enjoying my things homemade of late to the point I have not been eating out. "

" Kolam a form of drawing made by using coloured rice. They are really popular during Diwali celebration. It is thought to be bring good luck.
My friends invited us over for their Diwali open house, since I did not manage to take any pictures of the food since the it was too crowded. It will let you all feast your eyes with this Kolam.
It is our final year celebrating Diwali abroad, so they decided to make it a big celebration, create good memories of Diwali abroad. "

"Manage to hit the mall. I am still finding for a suitable graduation dress. At the same time searching the perfect makeup products too.
 I really like this dress from Zara. It is so glam and glittery but I could not decide if I should get it.
The glitter fall out is massive. I just can't afford that kind of mess in my wardrobe and room. Also, I do not want to end up with a glitter-less dress at the end of the day with the price I am paying for this dress.
Anyway this dress is so beautiful to look at.

During my journey in the mall, I spotted MAC's new collection with their "Oh! Darling" highlighter. I love the highlighter it is so beautiful but in the end I did not get it because I feel like it is not worth it to fork out 2500 Rubles for the highlighter. It is way overpriced. Somehow the collection came to Russia being priced much higher than US and even Malaysia. With that amount of money, I could have gotten myself Becca's highlighter with some so change.
So, I ditched getting it eventhough it is like extremely gorgeous. "

" This is the food from my Halloween party with my groupmates in the hostel.
I have been feed ridiculous amounts of food of late. I am never gonna go hungry.
The selection of food this time is very cheesy, basically most of the menu has cheese in it. Too heavy for my stomach to handle.
By the way, I made pizza. "

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