Monday, November 9, 2015

Around Moscow : Kolomenskoye

A few weeks ago, when the leaves just turned yellow and Moscow was like a beautiful autumn painting, I went on a stroll at Kolomenskoye Park. The park which housed one of the first tent roof stone church in Russia, Church of the Ascension. It is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
During that week, there was a honey bazaar in the park.

The beautiful colours of Autumn.

Kolomenskoye Park is huge. It is like a neverending breeze stroll in the park.

Along the grasslands of the park, the church is visible from where I stand. 

The Church of Ascension.

Kolomenskoye Park is a great place to stroll around to rewind and refresh. It is a quiet park that helps you connect with nature. Feel at peace.
I would recommend taking a look at the church since it is a UNESCO world heritage. 

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