Wednesday, November 4, 2015

H&M new beauty line haul.

I am back from my Scandinavian holiday and so here I am with my my Scandinavian makeup haul.
Actually, I wasn't planning to buy any makeup from Scandinavia because of the prices and nothing really attracts me but I did not know H&M actually released their new beauty line and it was available there and what more, it was fashion night. They had 20% off storewide and since I was not a citizen of the EU or Scandinavia, I could take advantage of the tax refund. It was too good of a deal to pass. 

So, here's my tiny H&M beauty haul. 

Solar Flair Bronzing Powder and two Lip Definers

Did not pick up much from H&M since there's not many reviews, so, I am a little skeptical about the quality of the products. I want to do a test drive on the products before I decide to get more in the future. 

The packaging of the bronzing powder is sleek and chic. Looks very fashionable and high end. 

The case is a glossy black lid on the top and white at the bottom. It looks really great in photos, I would say looks expensive in photos but in real life, it is  a little disappointing. It feels quite plasticky and a little cheap, still sturdy though.
Just not the luxury packaging I was expecting to see as like the on the official website.

I got the lightest shade from the range in Sheer Tan.

The other two items I got are the Lip Definers in Choc Therapy and Prairie Sunset.

I swatched the lipliners and let me tell you. They would not budge at all. Once they set in, they just stay there, rubbing just won't move them away. That is one long lasting lipliner.

Prairie Sunset and Choc Therapy

Prairie Sunset is a medium pink colour.
When I get stuffs, I just have to get a pink, so that's why I picked up this shade. I just love pinks, I can't help it.
Choc Therapy is a chocolate nude with a little mauve undertone.
I fell in love with this shade at first sight. Lately, I am just into these deeper and darker colours. I find them pretty flattering on me. Also, they are great shades for the fall/winter months or for the grunge look.

The lip liners looks pretty luxurious and high end. I appreciate the sleek black packaging. It just makes everything look nicer.

The ends come with matching shades, so it makes it easy to find the lip liner in a hurry. 

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