Friday, November 6, 2015

Tiny Events #10

10th tiny events post! Yipee!
Happy times do not last forever, I just see my favourite month aka my birthday month flew by just like that and I feel like I didn't do anything really productive in October. Now, let's welcome November, the last month of Autumn and soon we will be welcoming the chilly weather of winter. I do not welcome winter, I loathe winter. Maybe it would not be so bad if winter over here in Moscow doesn't like last half a year and the temperature is so darn cold and the roads usually turn into ice skating rings.
Weather here has been weird these few days, it can rain one moment and then summer weather the next. Even so, the weather has been making me moodless to do anything besides being in room, doing some activities in the room, everything in the room. I just do not feel like stepping out of my apartment. This cycle will continue till spring comes.
Wow, I must be be a boring person, I talk nothing besides the weather.
Other than that I have been doing my drafts for my haul posts. I finally got really hardworking in organizing and editing my photos from my past hauls. So, please await many haul posts soon.
With the amount of haul posts I do, people can just see how much of a shopaholic I am. Well, I am one of those girls who can't resist makeup.

' Baked Pizza with my roommates the other day, mine's the left. The not so pretty breakfast platter pizza (minced meat + scrambled egg + cheese), super easy to make and delicious. I can't exactly remember where did I get the inspiration for it. If I am not mistaken it's Buzzfeed.
The right one is my roommate's the beautiful tuna pizza. From the pizza you can see that I am messy person from the product of my pizza. '

' It was that night during my birthday dinner when I saw this car in the streets of Moscow City Center. The Back in the Future car. Could not resist taking a picture. '

' Few weeks ago we had a gathering in our apartment. These are the food from the gathering.
The only thing fried in this menu is the noodles. The rest is either baked or boiled. Pretty healthy. I am a fan of the roast chicken and potato salad.  '

'Since the weather is constantly changing. I have been getting sick countless times, from sore throat to cough to flu to mouth ulcers. A neverending cycle. Currently while typing this post, I am sick. I am down with cough and mouth ulcers and Hor Yan Hor Chinese herbal tea has been my best friend.
I need the weather to stabilize, if not I will continue getting sick. I am so done with my immunity.  '

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