Monday, November 16, 2015

Past spring haul

I did this haul quite fairly long ago and I forgot all about it after not arranging my pictures properly into designated files but it is better too late than never.

It is a random haul from various beauty stores.

L'oreal launched a nude palette of rose tones which intrigued me very much due to my love for rose tones and rose and nude together, that just tickled my fancy. I just had to pick it up when I saw the palette in stock in Rive Gauche. I don't remember seeing that palette being stocked anywhere other than Rive Gauche.
I also picked some knicks and knacks from NYX Cosmetics and Essence cosmetics. The Estee Lauder Palette was a gift.

NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake.

I love the NYX Butter Gloss and I do have quite a collection of these glosses. This colour I have sought after high and low when it was later added on to the existing shades but everytime when I do want to purchase it, it is always out of stock.
I do get why it would be so sought after. This shade is just absolutely gorgeous. It is a mauve rosy nude. It is that type of shade that looks good on everyone and not to mention, such a natural shade.

Another product from NYX that I absolutely adore is the highly talked about Soft Matte Lip Cream.
This product is just so wonderful if you want a matte lip finish that isn't too drying and have a great colour selection. The texture is beautiful, it feels like mousse upon application, very soft and airy and it is long lasting.

The shade I got is Istanbul. It is a baby pink.

I guess I have talked about this lipliner in Satin Mauve many times in my FOTD posts. This is when I first got this lipliner, I actually went to get this lipliner because I love the other shade which is "
Wish me a Rose" from this lipliner range very much and I wanted to try more Essence lipliners.

Essence lipliners never disappoint me. They are just so amazing for the price.

The L'oreal La Palette Nude in Rose.
This palette I have been eyeing on it eversince it was launched because of my love for rose tones. There is never enough rose tone palette for me.

The black palette looks really sleek and beautiful.

Various shades of colours with rose.

It is lovely that the store gave me the Estee Lauder lip palette as a gift.
Something unexpected happened, I had to wait for an hour before it was able to pay my purchase, in the process, the cashier made several mistakes keying in my purchase. So the head cashier came and apologize and gave me this palette as a gift.

I am not a fan of lip palettes. I don't like to use them because I just prefer my lip product from a tube but even so lip palettes are very convenient for travelling. They are packed with various colours and they are compacted into a palette. You don't need bring 3727422 lipsticks on travel. 

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