Monday, June 23, 2014

The semester is over!

I am finally done with my 4th year. Rejoice rejoice.
Let us welcome Summer Holidays.

This is my FOTD.

For my base, it is my first time trying my Rimmel True Match foundation which I had bought quite awhile ago. So far, I quite like this foundation. It has a medium-full coverage with a dewy finish. I really like the dewy finish on my skin, it just gives my skin a healthy glowy look. I am quite impressed with this Rimmel foundation.


The mascara I am using today is the L;oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. My eyelashes do look pretty good in the picture.

I hopped into H&M today and I just got one thing. Something intrigue me very much.

It is the Makeup Sponge by H&M.
Doesn't it look familiar? Yes, It looks similar to the Beauty Blender. I can't fork out so much money for the beauty blender, so I have to settle for a cheap dupe.

It feels really dense and rubbery.

I am excited to see how it performs, will come back with a review on it.

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