Sunday, June 22, 2014

Walk around Moscow : Olympics Gala Concert

After we flew back from Sochi to Moscow, we had the chance to watch the 'Olympics Gala Concert' in Luzhniki Stadium.
Since we didn't watch all figure skating events in Sochi. I thought it was a good chance since Virtue/Moir and Davis/White were participating in this gala event. 

Before the Gala starts, I just had to go to GUM. It's like my only hang out place in Moscow. 

The Olympic Rings decoration in GUM during the Olympics season. 

Our tickets. We bought our tickets with a very discounted price for the afternoon sitting. 
It's a working day, I guess there were many leftover tickets for the afternoon sitting. 

Stage setting of the Olympic Gala with a live orchestra. 

They performed an exhibition to a Russian music.

Szolkowy/Savchenko performing to one of favourite free programme of the season - The Nutcracker.
It's so beautiful. This is 2nd time seeing this programme. Ofcourse in the gala, the programme is watered down.

Curtain call. 

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