Thursday, June 12, 2014

Travel Diary Day 4 in UK : London - The Magical world of Harry Potter

I know how much I slacked with my travel posts but this time I promise to get them up. 

As a kid I have always been obsessed with Harry Potter. Always daydreaming about entering the school of Hogwarts.
When Goblet of Fire released, I begged my dad to get me the book and he had to hunt bookstores to bookstores to get the book for me. When it was first released, people actually lined up overnight to get the book.
Imagine the Harry Potter craze.

To visit the Warner Bro. Studios of Harry Potter World, it is a dream come true.

My Harry Potter World ticket!

To get to the studio, we took a train from London Euston to Wartford Junction.

Oh my Oh my, Harry Potter Studio.
One step closer the dreamworld.

My ticket into the world of fantasy

I booked my tickets online in a package together with Madame Tussaud and London Eye. It is definitely than study the tickets alone. So if you all plan to visit a few attractions, do search online for package deals.

Feeling the magic already?

The moment I stepped through the door, I felt like I was in Hogwarts.
Waiting to be sorted into my house. Which house would it be? Gryffindor? Hufflepuff?

One of the highlights of the studio tour - Butterbeer!

Honestly I really enjoy the taste of butterbeer. Unlike its name, it's not a beer. It is a buttery soda, it is really good. 
I like the smooth taste of the soda. How I wish I can go back for another cup. One day, one day I will visit London again. 

The price of the butterbeer differ depends on the choice of cup you choose. There are butterbeers served in collectible cups. 
I kind of regret I didn't opt for that cup. 

The house of Privet Drive. 

My favourite shop in Diagon Alley 
Ollivanders Wand Shop. 


I really enjoyed the Harry Potter Studio. I hope to go back and visit again.
It really feels like living in magic.

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