Friday, June 13, 2014

and I have hauled again!

First, I want to say, I am back to bad lighting. Please bear with the lighting because I can't help it.
Weather has been bad, there's no natural sunlight and it's exam period, I don't want to go to my roommate's study table area (where the window is) and disturb her.

I have been checking on the website of the beauty store near my hostel and finally they have brought in the Bourjois Rouge Velvet. I have been waiting for them to bring in the Rouge Velvet for the longest time.
Since I have a 15% off in my beauty card, I always try to get most of my beauty products there, the price without discount is cheaper than most beauty stores out there and with the discount, I can get a better deal. They have a morning 5% discount everyday before 12pm. So 5% with 15%, I get 20% off my purchases, not too bad of a deal.

I went in only wanting to pick up the Rouge Velvet but you know, no one ever goes in the beauty store getting what they want.

I came back with 4 items.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

I first fell in love with the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet when I was swatching it in another beauty store, the texture is just to die, it's smooth, airy and feels like velvet on the lips. In the other store they were selling it for 520 rubles (Approx. USD15) which I would say is really steep for a drugstore lipstick, so, I picked up one colour which I love the most which is Pink Pong! but do I want other colours? The answer is yes.
I told myself to hold it in and wait till the beauty store near my hostel stocks them.

If you haven't seen my haul post with the other shade (Pink Pong!). I am linking it here.

Finally they stocked them and it is priced for 499 rubles (Approx USD14.50). Steep? Still really steep but I have my beauty card and also I took the advantage of the morning discount and I got the lipstick at a much better price of 399 rubles (Approx USD11.60). To my surprised, with all the discounts in, it is cheaper than the retail price in UK (but in the UK , you probably can get deals like 3 for 2 in Boots or buy one get half off).

Nude-ist is the most wearable daily colour among the collection. Most colours in the collection leans to the bright pinks and reds, not for the faint hearted.
Unlike its name, Nude-ist is not a beige nude. Nude-ist is a soft rosewood pink. It definitely makes a gorgeous everyday subtle colour.

I am now eyeing on getting Frambourjois and Peach Club.

Rimmel Mono Eye Shadow

I didn't mean to pick up these eyeshadows but they were in the clearance bin for a very discounted price.
I thought it would be rude if I don't pick them up. There were four shades in the discount bin but the other two shades were grey, not a colour that I would usually go to. Thus, I didn't get them.

Gold Rush is a shimmery gold colour.

Tribute is a tauey-brown colour

Eveline SOS Lash Booster

Like most East Asians, I do not have long eyelashes, they are pretty average. When I saw this product on the shelves for quite an affordable price, I thought I did pick it up to try. 
I know most people haven't heard of Eveline Cosmetics before. If I am not mistaken it is a Polish brand. 

There is an official USA website over here.

It comes with a white plastic wand. 

The serum does leave a little bit of white cast so I would recommend to apply at the night. 
Not going to be sexy to have white eyelashes. 
I didn't experience any irritation using this serum. This serum doesn't feel like anything on my eyes. 

This is the first time applying this serum. I am interested to see what changes it would bring to my lashes. 
I will report back in a month time. 

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