Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Travel diary : Follow me around Melbourne

My friends and I took AirAsia flight from LCCT, Malaysia to Melbourne. We arrived Australia at night and checked in our hostel which is Discovery Melbourne.
We chose this hostel because it is cheap and we are staying in Melbourne for a week, we don't want our accommodation to mess up our budget.

Sad face on the bed. 
I don't like sleeping at the top of a double decker. I slept well on the first night because I was too tired but in the morning, the whole room was freezing!
Someone just opened the window for the whole night and it's winter, in Australia atleast. 

The first stop of our Melbourne Journey is Queen Victoria Market where we are going to get breakfast. 

Yummy Potato Rings. 

German hot dog from Bratwurst in Queen Victoria Market.

If you do stop by the market, I recommend to try out this German Hot Dog. It taste really good.
I got the smoked pork sausage with lots of Sauerkraut. The Sauerkraut is great but the best one I had was in Hungary ( I haven't been to Germany to try authentic Sauerkraut but hey! Hungarian cuisines are also inspired by German cuisines, they can't taste too different).

Time to dig in!

The portion is big. My friend and I shared the portion so we could leave more space in our stomach for more food.

I will a separate "Eating in Melbourne" and compile great food I have had in Melbourne.

Royal Arcade in Bourke's Street.

Bourke's Street is a shopping street. They are arcades, department stores and also boutiques along the street.

We went into the Royal Arcade Mall for a look. The architecture of the mall is so elegant.

The Melbourne State Library.
It is located opposite of Melbourne Central.

We were waiting for our friend who studies and currently lives in Melbourne to take us around Melbourne and also take us to a good restaurant.
We didn't go into the library but we took a leisure walk around its compounds. Is it me or there's a lot of seagulls in Melbourne.

A picture outside the State Library.

In Melbourne Central. There's a lot of shops in this train station. We roamed around for awhile and went for some shopping.

I only got one thing from the a shop called Typo.
Matryoshka earphones. Aren't they the cutest thing ever?

Night view at Yarra River. 
We are taking this picture from the South Wharf after shopping in DFO. 

I didn't post a haul post on the clothes I got from DFO but they weren't very interesting pieces. 

Also since I stayed in near the city center, basically every night my friend and I will head to Big W to look for snacks to snack on. I would say chocolate in Australia seems to taste better than what we have got over here. Could it be the milk? 
And, milk in Australia is awesome, the taste is just so good! If you are in Australia, you just have to try their milk. 

I really enjoyed my stay in Melbourne , there will be another few more posts about my journey in Melbourne. So stay tune!

If you have missed my cosmetics haul in Melbourne. I will link the post over here. Also, a perfume haul from Mychemist over here. 

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