Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tiny events #12

It has been a long time since I updated my tiny events. It is because I have been busy catching up with some stuffs in life and my life has not been very interesting for the past couple of weeks.

It is exam period again. Tomorrow will be my final paper for the semester. I am giving an update on my life right now before I go missing in action for 2 weeks. 
For the next 2 weeks, I will be on my winter trip to Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. 
I will have limited access to internet as per usual and I won't be updating the blog. 

' So, the weather update in Moscow. You know your life is mundane when you have nothing better to talk about other than the weather. Well, my life is as such. 
There has been a heavy snowstorm and it has been snowing nonstop for a couple of days. Moscow has been a winter wonderland and my balcony is covered with snow and I do not know what to do with it. I can literally build a few snowmen with the amount snow accumulating right there. 
Should I leave it or shovel it? What do people do? I have no experience with snow and balconies within my entire life span. 
When there's strong wind, my room's insulation is terrible. Wind enters from every crevices of the window and it does not feel pleasant at all. The heating system is not bad I can feel the centralized heater working, heat dispersing from it , it is just that when there's wind, it does not tackle the coldness anymore. It is basically freezing in the room. Does not help when it is cold and it is -10 or lower outside. We had stuffed clothes around the crevices and there's a huge thick curtain covering the windows but it does not help at all. '

This is a little random but also I want to talk about inflation in Moscow. I know the crisis over here does not help but I find how obnoxious that prices hike like every few weeks over here. 
I am experiencing crisis too. 
I was browsing the web the other day looking at YSL because there's a few things I wanted to get from YSL and I realized that they had hiked up the prices by 200-300 Rubles in a fortnight. It is pretty crazy if you tell me. 
Eversince the currency crisis over here, I have observed that prices has hiked up more than 50% since last year. 
My heart drops everytime I see price changes on the website. 

' This football looking cake is a Medovik cake from the brand Dobrinskiy. I find the cake design really cute. I know it is supposed to resemble honeycombs but to me it looks like a football. 
I was craving for cake the other day and one of the supermarket chains were having an offer for this cake so I bought it. 
I did not regret buying it because it is so yummylicious. Every layer is so creamy and the cake moist.
If you are a medovik lover like me, I recommend you to try this cake. Without the offer, it is pretty pricey though but still worth it.
Also, never buy pre-made packed medovik from the dry corner, it taste disgusting. Buy the fresh one. '

Lately I find joy in ebay shopping. I have not gone ebay shopping crazy by ordering 34284293 items. I just have been buying some cheap makeup brushes from ebay with hopes that they will be good and to replace some of my very old brushes. I don't expect them to be superior to the Sigma or MAC brushes but good enough for me. 
I do not know is it me but I am still at that stage that I am not willing to fork out a huge sum of money on makeup brushes. The most I will pay is probably Sigma or Zoeva level other than that It is too expensive for me. Maybe someday the day will come when I invest in brushes. When I have the extra cash to splurge.

On the topic of beauty products,
The other day my mum asked me for help to place an order for some Korean cosmetics and beauty products. Usually I get really excited and throw a few items in the shopping cart along with her items to take advantage of the joint shipping.
This time around when I was browsing Korean cosmetics and beauty products to pick up, I don't get as excited as I used to. It is like they don't grab my attention anymore.
I used to haul a ton of Korean products. Then, when I started using them, I realize I am always underwhelmed at the products and my love for Korean beauty products faded.
They still have a few great cosmetic products like the cushion foundations, BB and CC creams which I love. Most of the time, I just find most of the products to be extremely hyped up and gimmicky. I am not trying to throw shade at Korean products. It might work out for some of you but on the most part, it didn't for me. This is just my thought on Korean beauty products

Now, in my beauty and makeup corner, for skincare, I have been reaching for Japanese products and French pharmaceutical brands and makeup wise, it's a mix between American, European and Japanese and Korean makeup.
I have been buying most American beauty products of late, it might be a phase.
Instagram made me buy everything.

Sorry for a wordy post this time with lack of photographs and the post seems so disconjoint.
This post is not very typical of my tiny events post but I feel that future tiny events post will be of such. It's so not "tiny events' anymore but I am so lazy to rename the post. Let's keep it that day. 

If you manage to get through this post, thanks so much for reading. 

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