Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 resolutions

It's a new year. It's time to revisit at what I have done in 2015 and set new goals for the new year.

I still remembered the lengthy post I have made in 2015.
I have set 15 goals in 2015, there's definitely some achievement in each of the goals which I can be proud of. Ofcourse these goals are not temporary and easy goals, it takes determination and effort to achieve in the long run. It might be a life long goal.

2016 is going to be a challenging year. It is going to mark an end to a chapter of my life to challenges and changes.
I am going to graduate university and step into society soon. The journey sounds so exciting yet it is very frightening.

This year I decide to keep my resolutions light. More like something more achievable within my means.

2016 Resolutions

It's about exploring where I am now, Moscow and also the world. It's my final year in Europe, naturally, I would really hope to make use of this opportunity to explore Europe more because I leave foot and head back to Asia, where I belong.

Stay fit and healthy
I hope that I can keep my exercise routine through out the year and stay fit and healthy. Eversince I have exercising 2 years ago, I have lost some weight and also felt fitter and healthier.

Create memories
It is final year of university. It is time to go out and create memories with friends which you might not even be able to keep in touch after graduating.

Start up a instagram shop
After I graduate I plan to start American beauty product spree service. I would start with brands that ships overseas before using those US address shipping service.
I would be free after I graduate before I get a permanent job, so why not make use of my hobby to earn myself some pocket money.

Ombre my hair
I always have love ombre hair. I saw it on many girls and it looks gorgeous on them. Definitely want them for myself. I am thinking of a ash brown, not too bold.

Quality over quantity
I have a habit to hoard makeup but now, after hoarding over the years, I realize it is quality over quantity. I have makeup that I hardly ever use because I do not like that and I got them because they were cheap or for the sake of getting.Try out and find quality products that suits and find myself using them a lot and narrow down my hoarding.

Manage my finances
I can be a real spendaholic. It is time to keep track my spendings and my bank account.

Trust myself
If I don't trust myself, who would?

Spend more time with family
As I get older, I realize how important it is to be with the family and to catch up with them.
Your family will not be with you live long, appreciate them, spend more time with them before you regret.

Wear makeup more often on normal days, feel pretty
I usually keep my makeup wearing on special occasions and when I go out. With the amount of makeup I own, I should make use of my makeup on normal class days. Dress myself up and feel pretty.

Be grateful
Always be grateful at what you have. There is always someone out there far worse off than you.

Learn a new recipe every 2 weeks
Add varieties to the dinner table

Remember to moisturize my body
I tend to forget this step after shower which leads to cracking and flaking during the winter months. Even so, it should be a routine to moisturize even if it is not the winter months.

Stay postive 
I tend to be negative at times. I will try to motivate myself to be more positive.

Here's to my 2016 resolutions!

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