Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Party

This Christmas, we had a christmas feast right over at a friend's apartment.

Before everything, I would like to post the christmas deco at our apartment with the cupcakes that my talented blockmate made.
They are just so pretty and cute. I love the reindeer, it's so cute that I just do not want to eat it. 

On the christmas deco, this year we just want to be more festive since we have moved into an apartment. 

Our christmas gifts and their mini christmas tree at my friend's apartment. 

We are doing a gift exchange for this christmas party. 

A huge array of food for 9. 
The amount of food is just unbelievable. Three chickens for nine people. We are going to get fat tonight. 

How nice of them. They prepared a christmas hat for every guest. 
It's starting feel like Christmas over here. 

They even ordered a full size Magnolia Bakery Red Velvet Cake. 
This is like the best cake you can ever get in Moscow. It just taste like heaven. 
Magnolia Bakery cakes are my favourite. 

My gift from the gift exchange. 
It is a coffee tumbler.  

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