Friday, January 1, 2016

Goodbye 2015, Say hi to 2016

It's time to bid 2015 goodbye. 2015 has been a really eventful year.
I have been through many ups and downs through the year 2015 and there's a lot of precious memories created in 2015 too.

Also, I can't believe this blog its on its 7th year mark! There's a milestone.
I started my blog when I was on my final year in college and now I am on my final year in university.

Let's summarize what I did in 2015.

This year I ....

- Traveled to England, Paris, Iceland, Qatar, Turkey, Denmark, Norway and Sweden

- Went to my first Michelin Stared Restaurant

- Ice Skating for the first time in my life!

- Settled in an apartment after moving too much in hostel from room to room after the fire incident.

- Experienced the solar eclipse in the first time in my life.

- Lost my phone again.

- Sat on the hot air balloon and stayed in the cave hotel in Cappadocia

- Hike through Geirangerfjord.

- Broke my bank by expanding my high end makeup collection.

- Bought my first makeup item from Charlotte Tilbury , Dolce and Gabbana and Guerlain. So worth it. I am going to get more of Charlotte Tilbury when I visit London again.

- Ticked off 6/8 from my 2015 beauty wishlist.

- Changed my whole haircare routine to higher end haircare brands, experiencing less hairfall afterwards.

- My first 10km marathon!

- Continued my work out routine through another year. I feel fitter and healthier.

- First Ice Hockey competition experience.

- Christmas market hopping in Moscow.

- Northern light in Iceland. Once in a lifetime experience.

- Disneyland in Paris. My first time visiting Disneyland.

- Cafe hopping with the family. For the first time my dad actually volunteered to do such crazy stuffs we youngsters do.

I am looking forward what could 2016 bring me. Also, I am stepping into quarter life in 2016! 

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