Monday, January 18, 2016

Haul : Essence, Catrice & Maybelline

I used to talk about how I love going to the beauty store near the hostel on the 15th because they are always 15% off storewide on the 15th.
Now I live outside so I seldom head to beauty store as much as I used too. This time on the 15th, I was having exams and it so happened to take place in the university which is well, near the hostel and near the beauty store. 

Just after the exams, I went to the beauty store to pick up some stuffs. 
I got items mostly from Essence and Catrice. The odd one out is Maybelline. 

Essence and Catrice are great German drugstore makeup brands with a few gems in their collection.
I own a fair bit of items from both brands and I love a lot of items that I own from them. 

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder in 010 Transparent 

During my last trip, I broke my casing for my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural. This winter, I am going on a trip again but I do not want to risk further destroying my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish since it is a pricey product so I picked up this powder as a backup. 

It is a normal pressed powder, nothing too exciting. I just hope it work well in setting my makeup.
I don't have too high hopes on it. 

Essence Hidden Stories Trend Edition Highlighter in Enter Wonderland.

This was at the clearance bin so I just picked it up since it was marked down to a ridiculously affordable price. 
I do not own a highlighter of such shade. It is a lilac purple. 

Essence I love Nude Eyeshadow in 06 Coffee Bean

I am searching for a dark shade. This shade just fits the bullet. It is pigmented and smooth upon swatching.
It's affordable and it does the job.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes in Creme de Rose

I love the Maybelline Color Tattoos, they work really great as bases, they are so comparable to the MAC Paint Pots for a fraction of the price. 
When Maybelline launched the Creamy Mattes edition. I wrote in it my to get list. It took me awhile to get it though because the beauty store has a chronic out of stock issue with the Color Tattoos but I totally get why. 
The only shade available was Creme de Rose, Creme de Nude is still in out of stock mode. I will be hunting that baby down as soon as it gets back in stock. 

It is a creamy rosy nude shade. 

Catrice Alluring Reds Liquid Lipstick in Brigette Bordeaux. 

This was also in the clearance bin. I picked it up because of the shade.
It is such a beautiful dusty rose shade. It is such a perfect everyday shade.

Essence Eyeshadow brush

My old eyeshadow brush is dying, I have been using that brush for 5 years, so it is time to retire that brush.So, I need an eyeshadow brush replacement and I got this. 

The eyeshadow brush is in pink which is so cute.
I really like the design of Essence brushes. I find them super cute and girly. 

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