Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Year Feast

For this year's new year bash, we had decided to do an open house and celebrate new year with all of our friends. What is better than celebrating new year with a bunch of friends.
We prepared lots of food to welcome the new year.  There's no party without food.

The wide selection of food.
We have gifted friends who can cook really well so there were many delicious dishes.

Vegetable and Roast Chicken.

We have many meat dishes since there are many carnivores among the friends.

Garlic bread

Potato coleslaw salad

Fried noodles and Char Siew

The char siew is really delicious. Thanks to a friend who is so gifted at cooking.
It is the first dish to be finished up.

Fried Noodles again and Nasi Briyani.

Two birthday cakes for two birthday boys.
One is a cream chocolate cake and the other a carrot cake.

We played a whole ton of games through out the party such Texas Poker, Monopoly, Uno, the playstation and also the drinking game which I did not participate. I do not take alcohol.
The party lasted till 7am the next day, it is so surprising that many of them are able to stay awake the whole night playing games.
I actually could not take it, I went to sleep at about 2.30pm while the party is still on going.
I pretty much can never stay up overnight, I am more of a morning person. When it comes past a certain time, my brain just won't function anymore.

p.s. I won monopoly.

I am vain so let me insert. a party selfie. 

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