Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tiny Events #9

Hello October. October is my favourite month because it is my birthday month. Also say hello to autumn. Autumn weather is my favourite weather where the temperature is niether too hot nor cold, trees turn into various shades of warmth and every leaf a flower.

" I did slightly mentioned that I have moved from my hostel to an apartment starting this semester.
Here's a view from the balcony of my apartment. I currently live on the 19th floor of the building.

So far I have been adapting very well living in an apartment. It is definitely much more comfortable compared living in the hostel. We did not mind living in the hostel but ever since the fire outbreak last April on our floor, we have been relocated various times from room to room. We got really tired of moving and decided to move out once and for all. It wasn't much to lose since we are all on our final year in university. It is a better option for us since the apartment is fully furbished, so, we do not need to spend money to get new furnitures and stuffs. It is not worth it since we are on our final year, there's no point spending anymore on furnitures and stuffs, we can't transport all of them back home. If we have opted for the hostel, we might need to get new furnitures. "

" Since we started living outside. We find ourselves cooking more and nicer dishes too.

That's Bak Choy with Oyster Sauce and Steamed Tom Yam Fish with Tofu

I found out that there's a Vietnamese market near my place and now I head over there basically every weekend to get my Asian grocery fix. This makes me so happy that now I can cook my local cuisine much more often and get a taste of home. "

" Krispy Kreme takeaway for us. A way to treat ourselves after moving.

I know I should be cutting off all the junk food since I am trying to back on track and restart my weight loss journey. My weight has been increasing. "

" My groupmate invited me over to her Eid-Al-Adha open house.

All these Malay cuisine. Rendang, Ayam masak merah, acar, nasi impit, kuah kacang. I just can't control myself upon seeing these food. I miss Malay food so much and I can't cook Malay food well to treat myself to Malay food so I went a little crazy with the food. She just cooks so well. " 

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