Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Around Moscow : Light Festival 2015. My last Light Festival

This year is the fifth anniversary of the Moscow Circle of Light festival. I have went to previous light festivals and this year, the event is somewhat different. I should it is more grand.
Usually the festival spans for 2-3 days during the weekends but for this year, the festival last much longer, it last for a week.

The location for the festival is very extended this year. There are about 10 locations.
I went to three locations this year on the weekends.

The first place I went is Gorky Park. Just opposite the park, the projection is displayed on the Ministry of Defense building.
This projection has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest projection.

The crowd is massive that night. I did not take much photos that night because the projection just do not turn up well in photos. It is definitely much more impressive real life.

I took more videos that night than photos.
If you are really interested in the festival. I am leaving a link right here.

On the same night, we went to Bolshoi Theater's. Our old favourite spot.
Bolshoi never miss out the light festival every year, it's the favourite location.

The projection at Bolshoi is not as amazing as the one at the Ministry of Defense building but still quite enjoyable.

Link here! 

On the closing which was on Sunday, we went to Grebnoi Kanal and oh boy. It was so crowded. Everyone just want a piece of the fireworks show.
The closing of this 5th anniversary of the Light Festival will be held here. This explains the massive crowd and traffic.
The traffic was so bad that we walked from the metro to the location which is a good 10-15 minutes walk. They even close the roads for this event. One can imagine how big is this event.

I would say the show at Grebnoi Kanal is the best. The fireworks, fountain and fire show, just so surreal. Especially the fireworks, it was so gorgeous.
It was a great one hour show.
I just couldn't take my eyes off from the fireworks. The location from where I stood was really near the fireworks, it is so surreal to see the fireworks blooming right upon our heads.
It was like living in fantasy.

link of the video is here. 

I did not take photos this time around instead I took many videos. So, I am inserting some screenshoots of the videos I took.

The screenshots and video just do not do the fireworks show any justice.
Definitely one of the prettiest fireworks show I have seen in my life. Not that I have seen many.

This will be my last Circle of Light festival in Moscow and it has been a really memorable and enjoyable one.

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