Monday, October 19, 2015

Around Moscow : Sergiev Posad

We bought our tickets. Now we are set to depart to Sergiev Posad from Moscow Yaroslav Train Station.
It is my first time taking a suburban train in Moscow despite having been in Moscow for the past 5 years. The suburban trains are definitely not that pretty and comfortable compared to the metro in Moscow.

Sergiev Posad is one of the golden triangle of the Moscow region.To get there you have to get to Yaroslav Train Station or take a bus from VDKHa station. We chose the former method to get there.
The train ticket cost us about 360 Rubles to and fro.
Trains to Sergiev Posad is pretty frequent and it is alright to get to the train station and get the tickets on the spot. There is no shortage of train tickets.

Yaroslav Train Station.

The journey to Sergiev Posad takes an hour and a half. There are many stops before arriving Sergiev Posad.
The trains can get stuffy along the way.

At Sergiev Posad after an hour and half ride from Moscow. 

Walking into Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius.
There's a fee to get into the monastery but as students in Moscow. We are able to obtain free admission.
It is a custom for Orthodox Christian women to cover their hair with a shawl/cloth upon entering the cathedral.
I brought along my shawl which I have purchased from Turkey.
They are not really particular if you enter the cathedral with/without a shawl if you are not a local but it is better to follow the customs when visiting.

Fighting against the wind.
Look at the queue at the back, the locals are lining up to collect "holy water" from the spring.

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