Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Birthday dinner

My birthday falls on the 23rd, it is a Friday and thank goodness it is a Friday because if it wasn't I would not be able to celebrate my birthday on the day itself with my busy schedule.

This time for my birthday, I went to Gin no Taki Japanese restaurant. In Moscow, this is my favourite sushi chain restaurant. It is located at Tverskaya Ulitsa. Really close to Red Square just a few streets away.
Gin no Taki was so crowded that day thanks to the fact that is a Friday night and everyone wants to chill after work. We had to queue up for a good 20 minutes or so before we could get ourselves a table.

It has not been long since I went there but I realized they changed up the menu and many of the delicious sushi rolls have been taken of the menu which is really disappointing.

Deep Fried Sushi Roll.
I think deep fried sushi rolls is pretty much a thing in Moscow because many sushi shops do serve a fried sushi roll. I guess it is for those people who wants sushi but do not eat it with raw ingredients.
But doesn't take the fun out of sushi?
Deep fried sushi is not my favourite but I won't say I hate it. It is just not my cup of tea because I like my sushi to be well, sushi.
Still it is great to spice up the menu.

Three sushi sets and two sashimi sets.
The sashimi set is so itty bitty. I should have expected that but I just didn't trust my sixth sense and just went and ordered it and regretted it. It is so tiny, I do find ordering it worth it at all and not to mention the sashimi isn't fresh. In Moscow, it is hard to expect fresh seafood/fish.
The sushi does not disappoint. I still really like my sushi from this shop.

Aburi Salmon Roll.
This taste really good too. Nothing will go wrong with salmon. In case you did not know, salmon is my topping of choice on my sushi.

This time I did not have dessert because I didn't find their dessert menu really special, I love their homemade ice cream but everytime I dine here that is the only dessert I order, I kind of got bored of it. I would rather save the money and hop on Magnolia Bakery and feast on their pies and banana puddings.

I am also leaving the link of my birthday dinner last year at the same restaurant right over here.

A random selfie before getting ourselves seated.

My birthday cake before the clock strikes 12 midnight. 

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