Thursday, October 22, 2015

Travel Diary in UK: Edinburgh: Along the streets of Royal Mile

Rise and shine , Edinburgh. We started our day strolling from our hostel along Princes Street for some morning shopping routine. One shouldn't miss out Princes Street if you love shopping. No street is better for shopping in Edinburgh other than Princes Street.

Along the way, we bumped into the Scott's Monument and snapped a few pictures of it. Such a majestic and beautiful monument.

We headed to the Old Town and stroll along their alleys. Edinburgh's Gothic architecture flavour just makes you feel like you are in the 18th century Medieval English times. It just feels so surreal to walk and stroll along the alleys and enjoy the city.

Going through the alleys, we found our way back to The Royal Mile and climbed through the streets up to the magnificent Edinburgh Castle.

The Edinburgh Castle. We didn't enter the castle as the entrance fee is too expensive for our university student budget. So all we did is just snap lots and lots of photos outside of the castle.

The panaromic view from the mountain top is photogenic.  I could see snow mountains from my side.

Arthur's seat can be seen from Edinburgh Castle. We didn't manage to go there as it is really far by feet.
We traveled the city Edinburgh by feet and we do not plan to use the public transport to save some money.

Just a few blocks down the street in The Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle is The Scotch Whiskey experience. We took a look in the shop and bought some souvenirs.
There's a great selection of whiskey in the shop from every brands famous to unknown and sizes from gigantic to cute little collectible miniatures.

Along the streets of Edinburgh, I also found out my new favourite confectionery - Fudge. I like the buttery vanilla sweet aroma from this confectionery.
Definitely a very Scottish thing and one of the things that must be tried in Scotland, besides haggis.

A shot with St. Giles Cathedral.

Edinburgh is a wonderful, beautiful and lay back city. I would love to come back to Edinburgh someday again.

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