Thursday, October 8, 2015

A little sad story about my phone.

I just do not know if I do not have any luck with mobile phones because I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pick pocket the other day and it marks my second phone getting pick pocket.

The situation was I was ordering my meal and my friend's from KFC. The food court was overcrowded so was the counters.
We ordered quite a lot so the tray was quite full and I didn't bring a bag with me and I placed my phone in my pocket. Walking through the crowd with a whole tray of food and an additional ice cream with me, I couldn't do much. I guess someone just took advantage and took my phone without me realizing and I couldn't do much since my hands were full.

Most pickpockets I have seen in Russia are not Russians themselves but usually foreigners from ex-Soviet countries located in central Asia. I am not trying to be racist but I have been here for six years and this is what I have observed. I noticed I passed by a few on the way carrying my tray of food. One actually got close to me, he was a cleaner in the mall, I stepped on his mop and he got so angry with me but there was no reason for him to come so close to me.
I still suspect it is him but I can't remember his face because he was covering it with a cap and there was too many people to turn back and not get my food all spilled over the floor and create a havoc to catch a glimpse of him.
Well, what has happened has happened. I am still pretty sad that my phone is gone just like that.

I never got pick pocket in Malaysia eventhough I would say in terms of safety wise, thief and pickpocket is more prevalent in Malaysia compared to Moscow.
The first time, I got pick pocket by a group of Caucasian men. I even went back chasing them and demanding for my phone back but there was no luck with my limited Russian then.

Anyway I got a new phone for now. It is a temporary one till I save up for an Iphone.

It is the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

So far so good with this phone.
End of Ramble. 

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