Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New favourite lipbalm : Nivea lipbutter

Autumn weather has been getting really cold in Moscow. It has been hitting sub-zero at night and at dawn.
So when the month gets colder, every part of my skin starts to crack and peel like a snake and I can't live without body lotion and lip balm.  

Let me introduce you a lip butter that I have been using every night to wake up to supple and luscious lips.

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose.

I bought mine in Rive Gauche (Рив Гош). It took quite awhile for them to arrive Russian shores. I spotted them about last summer. My first tin was bought in London circa 2012. It was the creme brulee and it smells so good.
I would eat the whole tin if I could. 

 For the raspberry rose, the scent of this lip butter is very berry-ish. It just smells so good but not as good and close to yummy as the creme brulee.

The lip butter appears pink in the tin but when applied, it doesn't appear pink. It somewhat looks milky on the lips, not very a good look on the lips, that's why for me, I will only use this lip butter before bed.
I don't want to appear to have 'milky' lips in public.

Despite the milky appearance on the lips, I really like this lip butter. Every night applying prior to sleep, the next morning, I will wake up with soft, supple lips.

The consistency isn't too slippery nor sticky, it feels just nice on the lips, not heavy too.

A swatch on my lips. The milky film doesn't translate well on camera but in real life, it is quite unflattering. Despite that this is my favourite lip butter. It saved my lips from chapping, leaving me with soft lips through out the day.

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