Saturday, October 18, 2014

Around Moscow : Light Festival

The Circle of Light festival was held in Moscow from the 10th - 14th of October this year. I made my way to two different event venues this year and oh boy, every location was jam packed with people, especially the first 3 days. The metro was flooded with humans and everyone was trying to inch their way out from the metro. It was the a great fight through.

The first location we visited is Ostankino. The opening ceremony will be held in this location and fireworks are going to be let off too. We wouldn't want to miss a firework show.

The Ostankino TV Tower

Unfortunately I won't be able to post up the fireworks video but you can check it out on my instagram @suzucchi_

I didn't get into the park since we were running late. We just came on time for the fireworks and by the time the fireworks were done, it was pretty late and it is quite some distance walk back to the metro station.

We stopped by the Vdkha park since it is really near to the metro.
The light show is beautiful. It is just such a pity, I didn't wore thick enough to withstand the cold night wind so I had to leave early.

The photos didn't came out as beautiful on the first day since all I had was my phone camera which doesn't do justice to photos taken at night.
Fear not, the second time I went, I made sure I brought along my compact camera and photos turned out beautiful.

For the second time, we went to Tsaritsino Park.
It was a weekday so it isn't as pack and crowded. We still have space to wonder around and walk freely.

We are greeted by the beautiful illuminated front gates of the park after a short walk from the metro station.

Little flower lights all around the park.
I don't mind the flower lights aesthetically pleasing compared to last year's light ball display.

You can see my past blogpost regarding the light festival in the same park here.

The ethereal illuminated bridge across the lake. It is really beautiful.
I can't stop taking 142843 pictures of  this bridge.

Just too breathtakingly beautiful.

This. I can't seem to figure out what is this at all. It is like a 'cave' with dangling lights all over it and randomly in the middle of the lake.
Worse, it doesn't translate well in photos.

Light in many languages from Italian, Chinese/Japanese, Russian, French, Hindi and ofcourse English.
I am amazing that I can figure the languages out, I am just joking. The Hindi one was difficult to figure out, I thought it was Tamil.

Light show at the palace. It was crowded.

Beautiful light dresses on display. I would like that as my wedding dress. Ok, I am just joking.
Anyway, it is gorgeous.

That ends my light festival journey this year.

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