Saturday, June 23, 2012

more food!

I bought a lace dress I wanted for a long time from New Look, it finally went on sale, almost half off!

Only the pink colour lace dress was on sale. It comes in blue, white and pink.

Now to the food spam! I have been eating a lot since exams are over.
I am gonna be a pig soon!

Classic Cinnabon and Chocolate Cinnabon.
I was really sweet that it gives me headaches but the aroma of the cinnamon is too good.

There's also a Korean food spam.
I went to eat at a Korean restaurant near my university - Jasmine.

Green Tea with Lemon.
It smells heavenly but the green tea taste is very faint. It taste like normal black tea with lemon.

Korean fried rice cake.
My favourite Korean dish.
The sauce was great but the rice cake seems undercooked. It was pretty hard.

Spicy sauce fried chicken.

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